Melbourne Meditation CentreThe Melbourne Meditation Centre runs regular meditation and mindfulness courses and workshops in several convenient locations around Melbourne and Geelong.

Our focus is on teaching meditation and mindfulness as simple, practical skills.

We’ll teach you how and why meditation works, introduce you to a wide range of  techniques that you can use on the go – wherever and whenever you are – and help you find innovative ways to adapt meditation to your own needs. Meditation practiced this way is surprisingly easy and enjoyable.

Melbourne's Meditation Specialists

Multiple Venues across Melbourne & Geelong

Tools for contemporary living

Techniques Based on Science & Psychology

Meditation AND Mindfulness

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Sleep Better

Get to sleep more quickly. Enjoy a good night’s rest. Stay relaxed when you wake up at 2am.

Reduce Stress

Stay calm at work, on the road, and even when the kids are driving you up the wall.

Think Clearly

Access a sense of calm, peace and balance, whenever you need to.

Regulate Heart Rate

Reduce your blood pressure and improve circulation.

Manage Pain

Relieve headaches, reduce muscular tension and learn to manage chronic pain.

Regulate Emotions

Reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and confusion.


Reduction in Chronic Pain


Lower Blood Pressure


Less Anxiety


Better Sleep

What to expect from the Melbourne Meditation Centre

Simple & Practical

Meditations you can do anywhere. Meditations you can do anytime. Meditations you can integrate into your working day. No incense, cushions or chanting required!


You might have serious reasons for wanting to meditate, but we believe you’ll learn best through innovative, engaging classes that allow exploration, lively discussion and plenty of laughs.

Evidence Based

Informed by the latest neuroscience and psychology, our courses are completely free of religious content. We present a wide range of techniques and let you decide what works.

 Options for Everyone

We’ve taught meditation in hospitals and schools, to doctors, lawyers and the police. Wherever you are, it’s not too late to meditate.



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Some years ago now I attended your Basic Meditation course. Needless to say I found the course incredibly helpful and the techniques I learnt are still useful to this day.

Claire T.

Since completing the Melbourne Meditation Centre’s Basic Meditation Course, I have recommended it to many of my patients. Why? Not only does the course teach a range of practical techniques that help to reduce stress and anxiety, it is firmly grounded in medical research and evidence. Highly recommended.

Dr Amanda Osborne,

Casey Medical Centre, Cranbourne

Thanks for a great course and for giving me such effective meditation techniques. I really enjoyed the sessions and the way you conducted them. Perfect time of the day to go home feeling exceptionally refreshed and human.

Nola B.

What the doctor says

Forty years of neuroscience research has shown that meditation ‘grows’ the brain in areas that relate to efficient study. It enhances the ability to focus and retain and retrieve information, reduces stress and anxiety and encourages metacognition.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness helps to change the way you think and feel about your experiences, especially stressful experiences. It involves paying attention to your thoughts and feelings in order to become more aware of them, less enmeshed in them, and better able to manage them.


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